SMS Pricing

Our Charges for Delivery to Nigerian GSM Numbers

SMS UNIT RANGES Deliver SMS to Non-DND nos at
1 Unit/SMS and to DND Nos at 2 units/sms
0 – 999 NGN2.10 per unit
1000 – 2999 NGN2.10 per unit
3000 – 4999 NGN2.10 per unit
5000 – 9999 NGN2.08 per unit
10000 – 19999 NGN2.05 per unit
20000 – 49999 NGN2.00 per unit
50000 – 99999 NGN1.90 per unit
100000 – 199999 NGN1.82 per unit
200000 – 499999 NGN1.75 per unit
500000 – 9999999 NGN1.60 per unit

Not listed Above call to negotiate. Contact Us: +2348060057836, Resellers price varies Depending on Volume/frequency of Purchase

I can't get it, What is DND?

DND stands for Do-Not-Disturb. A service introduced by Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) that enables mobile subscribers to opt out of marketing/promotional messages of which bulk SMS is classified as one. Hence, mobile numbers on the DND list are not able to receive bulk SMS via the regular route. To deliver to DND numbers, we make use of a Corporate Route. We first attempt delivery for all your numbers using the regular route then watch out for those that are rejected because of DND. We then refund or resend to DND numbers depending on the option you chose under the DND Management section which sending the message. Please, note that the Sender ID would be charged for only DND numbers. Text ‘STATUS’ to ‘2442’ to check your DND status (for all networks in Nigeria). To opt out of DND, on MTN text ‘ALLOW’ to ‘2442’, on Etisalat text ‘START’ to ‘2442’, on GLO text ‘CANCEL’ to ‘2442’, on Airtel text ‘ALLOW’ to ‘2442’

Who pays for failed Bulk SMS Messages?

You pay for failed messages, that is; messages that were not delivered to number(s) in your destination list/database. There are two reasons for this: The networks charge us for all submissions except for rejected messages going to DND active numbers on the regular route, which we also refund to you or resent via our corporate route depending on your choice. We expend more resources in handling failed messages as we re-try sending these messages to before reporting it as a failed message

Does SMS credit expires?

Our SMS credits do NOT expire. This means that your SMS credits will be available in your account for as long as you need them.

Is it possible to manage Phonebook?

You don’t need to always copy numbers from your mobile/PC when you can easily store in phonebook (what if you are not with your PC or the file got deleted or corrupted on your device? meanwhile you can access your phonebook anywhere and its safe). It’s good culture to keep contacts in phonebook. Click MANAGE PHONEBOOK. You can Add New Group, Add New User to Phonebook, Add Multiple Numbers at once, Upload Numbers from File, Edit Group Name OR Delete Group. Sending Messages to Group: Click COMPOSE SMS, select the drop-down menu in RECIPIENTS’ field, click PHONE BOOK GROUP. Choose your desired group, fill other details. Tracking your Phonebook Contacts: Click VIEW PHONEBOOK. You’ll see all your contacts, you can now search by Username, Name, Group or Phone Number.

What if my unit is lower than I expected?

If you choose the ‘Send to DND Numbers via our Corporate Route’ option, extra funds would be deducted from your wallet to resend the messages to the affected DND numbers. So, 2 units are charged per SMS send to DND numbers as compared to the normal charge of 1 unit per SMS.