Insanely Simple Mobile Marketing Tips That Will Double Your ROI

The return on investment in SMS marketing can be improved by more than 300% if you use these simple tips when you use bulk SMS as a marketing tool in Nigeria.

The use of mass SMS for marketing has multidimensional advantages. In addition to its universal accessibility, the use of bulk SMS has the ability to provide real-time information. This creates unique opportunities for sellers.

Measurement of the result of your investment:

Marketing specialists know that every kobo spent on the use of any marketing channel should be taken into account. The effectiveness of a particular channel or any campaign is generally measured in terms of conversion, that is, how many people who need the message followed the expected intention of the seller? This can be measured in terms of how many bought a product, subscribe to receive more information, etc.
However, because they do not know the rules that guide the use of mass SMS in marketing, many marketers successfully send their messages to the inbox of the recipients only to eliminate them, sometimes, before reading the first line.

Game rules

Although Nigerian laws do not provide strict regulations for mobile device vendors, as we find in countries such as the USA. UU. In the use of massive SMS to promote their businesses, prospective customers still have a lot to do with the success of their SMS marketing campaigns.

If you use these simple tips, you can be sure that your massive SMS will not only reach the inbox, you will get what you want: high conversion.

Be brief and sweet, do not go beyond the limit of 160 characters: 160 is an important number in the world of SMS. An SMS page has 160 characters and there is no wisdom in exceeding this limit. Some networks and mobile devices have a way of dividing the message beyond 1 page, leaving it at risk. The best option is to limit yourself to 160 characters.
Verify your synchronization: Although more than 90% of messages are always open, incorrect synchronization can affect the response rate. Research your target audience to find out when they are most likely to make a purchase decision and send their bulk SMS during this time.
Use a web address or mobile phone for your call to action: when recipients receive a good SMS and their interest in your product or offer is awake, they want to know where to go next. Include a URL that gives you more information and allows you to take immediate action or a phone number to which you can send answers.

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